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Shrewsbury Food Bank organises and distributes parcels of donated food to individuals and families every week.

They seek to help those that find themselves in times of real hardship by addressing their most basic of needs - food and household items.

Food banks are an essential service in communities across the country and in the last few years they have helped thousands of people in need. Through food bank PLUS, Shrewsbury Food Bank is now able to help people beyond the short term fix and empower them to help themselves.

There are two food bank locations in Shrewsbury, one at Barnabas Church Centre and one at Hope Church.

There are many varied circumstances that bring people along to the food bank, often they have been caught in the trap of debt or lost their job, suffered ill health, family breakdown, bereavement, delays in benefits or homelessness. Sometimes it’s a combination of many issues, but whoever they are if their need is genuine Shrewsbury Food Bank will give them food, support and encouragement.

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