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Thank you for looking at our website!

Jigsaw Sound is a large, mixed voice, adult choir based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire who regularly perform at concerts, weddings and fund raising events throughout the County of Shropshire and over the border into Wales.

We were formed in Shrewsbury in January 2007 and have just celebrated our 10th Anniversary. You can see from the picture galleries that we have a membership
that spans all ages.

Since the formation of the choir, we have deliberately sought to draw new members from people who do not have any previous choir experience or the ability to read music. There is no formal audition – just a simple [private] voice test to confirm the ability to sing in tune and to establish vocal range.

The primary aim of the Jigsaw Sound Choir, is for members to have fun together through the medium of music. We also place great store on raising funds for local charities. We give all our donations from concert performances directly to our supported charity chosen each year (in November) by nominations and voting by members.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the choir you should in the first instance telephone Colin or Angela on 01743 244195. Alternatively, there is a contact facility via the JOIN button on the website home page. We will be happy to tell you all about the choir and answer any questions you may have.

Potential members are invited to attend a weekly rehearsal, no strings attached, to see for themselves what we offer.

Jigsaw, since its formation, has sought to be much more than just an opportunity for people to sing in a choir that meet once a week. Great value is set on members forming friendships and becoming involved with all aspects of the choir. We warmly welcome all who come to try us out. Many members, who were new to the Shrewsbury/Shropshire area when they joined, have found friends as well as becoming part of the Jigsaw community. We believe it is very important to support each other through the ups and downs of life.

Membership entitles participation in all choir activities including social events, musical performances, musical tours etc. Partners and friends are warmly welcome to join in with the social side of the choir.

We are a not for profit choir and a modest weekly subscription is payable by members (whether present or not) for the weeks we rehearse. Rehearsal evening for Jigsaw Sound is Tuesday from 7.15 to 9.30pm in Shrewsbury. Once a member, you will be provided, free of charge, with a set of sheet music for your use during membership of Jigsaw Sound.

Angela and Colin founders of Jigsaw SoundOur repertoire contains music from many different genres, light sacred to show tunes and classical to contemporary music. Do have a look at the video files on this website and you will get a good idea of what we look like and hear some of the music that we sing. Do remember that what you see and hear is being created by people of whom 95% don’t read music and have never sung in a choir before.

So, if you are interested – don't delay - make contact through the website or give us a call on 01743 244195 and we will tell you about the choir and happily answer any questions you have.

Thank you for visiting!

Colin & Angela
Founders of Jigsaw Sound Choir -
Shrewsbury Shropshire


If you would like Jigsaw to sing at a concert you are organising or to participate in a wedding ceremony then please telephone Angela on 01743 244195 and discuss your needs.

If you would like to see the choir perform then please have a look at our diary page for details of forthcoming concerts. For the Christmas season we have a completely separate repertoire of Christmas Carols and Songs old and new!

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Abermule 2018

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Dear Colin,
Words do really fail me, as I try to express the sincerest thanks of all of us, for the concert JIGSAW gave us on Friday.
It really was truly wonderful: from the moment I met you and Angela, I knew we were in for something special, but I had not realised just quite how special!
You have created a really special choir - you can feel the bond between the members; their warmth and enthusiasm shines through.
So, from the bottom of all our hearts, we thank you.
I gather that the event at Temple Methodist was equally 'successful' and they, like us, cannot wait for you to come back. Perhaps in 2020 if not sooner?
Every blessing.


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WERE £2300.00!

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Jigsaw Sound Minsterley Church Concert 2014
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